Building a New Home Series: Tip # 14

Flat Panel Screens - Cable and power drops in Bedrooms, Master
Baths, Garage or any other “Special” location that will allow you to
mount a Flat Screen without having unsightly power and cables running up your walls. Add at Frame Stage. Also consider if you want an outdoor monitor and plugs and video cables can be installed cheaply when building versus retrofitting.

Video – Power Drops for Media Room Front Projector complete during Frame Stage.

Whole House Internet – Wiring and Plug-n-play tech center
for all TV, Telephone, Internet and Network equipment, routers, amplifiersĀ and modems. The fact is wireless is a DOWNGRADE compared to secure hard wire communications. Wireless can be much less secure if unencrypted since your network signal can be picked up all around your home. Add atĀ Frame Stage.

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